User-Centered Architectural Design Analysis

Seminar, Winter 2021/22
The objective of this course is to learn knowledge and methods for better anticipating the perspective of the user of architectural spaces. Therefore you will on the one hand learn computational methods for quantifying daylight, visibility and accessibility. On the other hand you will learn a tool for conducting user studies in Virtual Reality.


Lecture, Winter 2021/22
In this lecture series with integrated exercises 1st year architecture and urbanism students get to know the basics in computational design methods.

Parametric Building Information Modeling

Seminar, Winter 2021/22
In this seminar, students get to know the concept of building information modelling. A practical task will be the framework to learn to create a parametric building.

Parametric Urban Design & Analysis

Seminar, Winter 2021/22
This intensive series of lectures and exercises to cover the basics of algorithmic urban design and thinking, as well as parametric urban analysis using the software Rhino/Grasshopper.