Erstellt: 01. Oktober 2019

Parametric Building Information Modeling

Seminar, Winter 2019/20
In this seminar, students get to know the concept of building information modelling. A practical task will be the framework to learn to create a parametric building.

When designing buildings, numerous elements (e.g. building shape, rooms, openings, circulation, construction) must be defined and carefully attuned. Building Information Modeling (BIM) supports this process by providing building elements that can be easily placed and modified. However, due to the large number of elements that make up a building, this process is often time-consuming and inflexible when changes are made to the design. By defining rules that describe how elements should relate to each other (parameterization), models can be generated that automatically adapt to certain parameters (e.g. building height, building width, number of rooms).

In this seminar we will examine the possibilities of parameterization of building information models. The software used is Revit and PlugIn Dynamo. For students in the project module "Design by Research" this course is obligatory.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Lecturer: Vertr.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Schneider, M.Sc. Olaf Kammler