Introduction to Masters' Thesis (IUDD)

Seminar, Summer 2023
In this seminar we will prepare you for the writing of a Master Thesis. Therefore the basic elements of scientific working (logical thinking, argumentation, development of research questions and hypotheses as well as selection of methods) are introduced.

This preparatory seminar is a combination of various aspects that support students to prepare and organise their master’s  thesis. It aims to the individual thematic development of the thesis topic. Students are guided through the logic of research, the definition of individual research interest and the more objective need to communicate specific knowledge related to a certain subject of interest. At the end of the seminar, a thesis proposal should be developed based on an adequate research framework and research design, considering methodological aspects and quality of research. This seminar is arranged as several parts with lectures, discussions, exercises and group work.

The seminar consists of four parts: (1) Logical Thinking (2) Data Collection & Analysis (3) Basics of Scientific Work and (4) Topic Development.


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