• Every summer semester the Bauhaus-University Weimar holds a design course in English. The course is entitled "international Advanced Architectural Design". The international AAD program is organised by the chair of Design and Theory of complex Building Types, Professor Jörg Springer, in close cooperation with other chairs of the master program at the faculty of Architecture. The program includes an excursion to Switzerland with specific relevance to the course. (estimated 400€)

    Two design courses, one held by Professor Jörg Springer and one held by Professor Johannes Kühn, will be supported by accompanying seminar courses and various additional courses. 

    Our chair is able to award five tables in advance. Closing date for application, 10th of March 2018! Applications can be handed in via mail to juliane.steffen[at]uni-weimar.de

  • This Years IAAD-program offers the following parts in english language: 



    Prof. Jörg Springer
    design course 12ECTS

    Prof. Johannes Kühn
    design course 12ECTS

    Prof. Johannes Kühn
    "Typus und Konstruktion"
    design course 6ECTS


    Prof. em. Karl-Heinz Schmitz
    "History and Theory of Public Building Types"
    lecture course 3ECTS


    Dipl.-Ing. Martin Ahner
    workshop 3ECTS


    Dipl.-Ing. Ronny Schüler
    "la Biennale di Venezia"
    field trip 3ECTS