Thesis and Academic Degrees

Upon successful completion of the semester projects and coursework in Buffalo and in Weimar, students are able to register for their master thesis.

Firstly, in the pre-thesis, a general research prospective is formulated in coordination with a chosen thesis chair, functioning as an advisor to the student. In this phase, the student develops a bibliography and extensive body of research in order to finalize the pre-thesis with a precise statement of intent.

The following semester is comprised of the main thesis, which is situated in the intersection of architecture and media and elaborated scientifically and/or artistically by the student, whilst guided by interdisciplinary faculty members in both Buffalo and Weimar.

A student undertaking a thesis conducts independent investigations of his or her chosen topics under the supervision of a thesis committee consisting of at least two faculty members. A student must complete all thesis work and documentation to the satisfaction of his or her thesis committee. At both eight and four weeks before the semester's last week of classes, all thesis students must participate in interim thesis reviews scheduled by the architecture department. During these interim reviews, each student will be expected to demonstrate substantive progress toward completion of his or her thesis.  The body of work is submitted to both institutions and evaluated by a respective committee, leading to the award of the Dual Degree.

Academic degrees and certificates:

After successful completion of the study program the students receive two academic degrees in two separate conjoined certificates (Double Degree):

  • the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar awards the academic degree “Master of Science in Media Architecture” (M.Sc.)
  • the SUNY, University at Buffalo awards the academic degree “Master of Science in Architecture” (M.S.)