SoSe 2017

Summer Semester 2017

Nigora Ishandzhanova
Quantifying Urban Attractiveness. Correlation between User-Generated Content and Spatial Acessibility of Hamburg
(1. Supervisor: Vertr.-Prof. Sven Schneider, 2. Supervisor: M. Arch. Abdulmalik Abdulmawla.)

Giorgia Di Giorgi
Waterfront regeneration and social Revitalization: The Savona Case Study
(1. Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Schönig, 2. Supervisor: Lisa Vollmer, M.A.)

Radwa El-Bayad
The Impact of the Italian urbanism policy on the socio spatial structure of Tripoli City as a colonial capital in 1911 - 1943
(1. Supervisor: Prof. Max Welch Guerra, 2. Supervisor: Dott. Mag. Piero Sassi) 

Fahriye Gürsoy
A sense of place?
Rethinking urban renewal practices of neighborhoods through Transformation into creative and livable milieurs in diverse socio-spatial pattern: comparative cases of Kreuzberg SO36 and SW 61.
(1. Supervisor: Prof. Bernd Nentwig, 2. Supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Baron)

Olesya Yefimov
Smart City and E-participation: Two Concepts Under One Urban Umbrella
(1. Supervisor: Prof. Frank Eckardt, 2. Supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Philippe Schmidt)

Joachim Vogt
A method of urban change
Neighborhood Revitalization through Public Markets
About strategies of participatory revitalization processes
(1. Supervisor: Prof. Frank Eckardt, 2. Supervisor: Dr. Anna Steigemann)