Europäische Urbanistik (IPP-EU)

Pyongyang of North Korean capital in transition and for the future

Si Hyo Lee

The world news introduces North Korea about a nuclear bomb, war, drug, and poverty. It shows as like North Korea is a foolhardy criminal country with Iraq which is confronting with Great America. The recognition in which North Korea is bad, however, is isolating them and we just regard as North Korea is issue of news. Within like this unconcern, in 1990s, 220,000 North Korean had died of hunger and until now, a lot of North Korea woman are sold to Chinese by herself or cross the national border so that to except dying of hunger.

 In 1989, when the Iron Curtain and socialist countries were ruined, many intellectuals expected that North Korean regime would be fallen down soon. However, the regime has been enduring with powerful military and political strength even though there is a lot of dying starvation. In the future, North Korea cannot but ask the world market the money whether the government wants or not.
This research is aims on, first is announcing the changing condition of North Korea to the world academic field, and second is finding the way of global and sustainable city Pyongyang with the world academic field.

Also, the main questions of research are ‘How far is Pyongyang moving from socialist city to Post-socialist city?’ and ‘How can the just city Pyongyang be submitted?’

The thesis is comprised in, the first and second chapter describes the geohistory and recent transit condition of Pyongyang in light of social and spatial transition. And the chapter 3 analyses the possibility of global and sustainable city Pyongyang through comparing with Post-socialist cities in East-Europe.