Application Procedure for EU-Students (incl. Switzerland)

This page gives detailed information on the application procedure for the Masters programme "Advanced Urbanism (M.Sc.)" for applicants from EU member states as well as applicants from Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland. 


Before you apply for the Masters programme, please check whether you fulfil the formal requirements for admission.
You are eligible to study the Masters programme if you

  • have obtained a university degree (or similar) from a German or an international University with at least 180 CP in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning / town planning, urban design, environmental planning, regional planning, civil engineering, geography, urban and architectural sociology, environmental sciences, cultural studies and other disciplines relevant to the natural and built environment. In case of doubt, the examination board determines upon qualification.  
  • can refer to a certain level of professional experience shown through adequate works samples, text-based and visual, as well as through sample from your previous studies. 
  • have an advanced level of English language skills.

Application Documents

In order to apply for admission to the programme, you need to hand in the following documents and material:

Please note that we will not be to send back any of these documents due to the number of applications. Therefore, hand in the documents only in the form required and only as certified copies never in the original version!

  1. Completed application form from aptitude test| printed and signed
  2. Completed form from online-application (access online-portal here)
    | printed and signed
  3. Your letter of motivation | printed and signed
  4. As part of your application you are requested to include a PDF file with at least three samples from your previous study or professional work (portfolio) ideally related to relevant fields of studies. The file may consist of samples including, but not limited to:
    - works from your previous or current studies (e.g. architectural or urban designs; visuals/text-based/text-supported, Masters or Bachelors thesis or seminar work etc., designs, writings, thesis)
    - works from internships
    - works from previous career
    - self-initiated projects
    - publications
    - volunteer work
    We appreciate a short description of the projects in the portfolio.
    If you include team work, please indicate your role and your contribution within the team. 
    Applicants with a background in design and related fields would usually upload their portfolio.
    Applicants from fields reliant on text work are asked to submit a short summary of 1-2 pages for each work sample. Do include graphs and images - if relevant. Please submit all samples in one single PDF file
    on a CD labelled with your last and first name. We appreciate portfolios that do not exceed 6 MB.
  5. Certificate of qualification for university entrance | certified copy
  6. University degree or similar qualification including all relevant study results (courses and grades) if they are not listed in the degree documents | certified copy, documents not in German or English need to be submitted in a certified translated version, in German or English
  7. Proof of English language proficiency according to B2 (minimum) of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages
    TOEFL-test, minimum 80 points (internet based)
    Cambridge Certificate, (First Certificate FCE), Grade C
    IELTS, Band 6,0
    or others according CEFR B2.
    Exceptions are possible, if studies have been completed in English or foreign exchange studies in English speaking countries can be proven through documents | certified copy
  8. In addition, and voluntarily, you are encouraged to write and reflect on urban matters by submitting a small essay of one paragraph on a book/author related to urban studies and your reflections on this book/author (800 words maximum).

  9. CV
    You are free to chose the style of CV.

  10. You are free to add additional material like recommendation letters, work references, etc.

Please send all documents to the following address:

Institute for European Urban Studies
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Belvederer Allee 5
99425 Weimar

Admission and Further Steps

You will be informed of the results of your aptitude test no later than early August. Due to the high number of applications, you are kindly asked to please abstain from contacting us regarding the results. You will be informed as soon as the examination board has finished its work.

If your application was considered positively, you will soon after also receive the official admission letter from the university. This document enables you to conduct all the administrative affairs such as visa-issues etc. And it is the precondition in order for you to enroll at the university for your Masters programme. Only after having enrolled, can you actually become a student of the programme. Further information is available here. Applicants are considered for admission in the winter semester only.