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Bewerbung IUDD

So bewerben Sie sich für unsere IUDD-Studiengänge

Aktuelle Informationen zu den Bewerbungs- und Zulassungsverfahren für das praxis- und anwendungsorientierte internationale Masterprogramm „Reflective Urban Practice" (M.Sc.) im englischsprachigen Studiengang "Integrated Urban Development and Design" (IUDD) finden Sie hier: Bewerbung IUDD „Reflective Urban Practice"

Das internationale, englischsprachige Doppelabschlussprogramm  "Advanced Urbanism" (M.Sc.) im praxis- und anwendungsorientierten Studiengang "Integrated Urban Development and Design" (IUDD) wird derzeit zum Multi-Partnerprogramm umstrukturiert. Bewerber, die sich hierfür als auch Reflective Urban Practice interessieren, werden gebeten, sich unter Reflective Urban Practice zu bewerben und in ihrem Motivationsschreiben auf das Interesse für Advanced Urbanism verweisen

Bewerbungsfristen für IUDD Studienprogramme: 
Bewerber aus Ländern der Europäischen Union (EU) inkl. Schweiz: 25. Juni 2020. 
Bewerber aus allen anderen Ländern: 15. Mai 2020.

Einen Überblick über die für das kommende Wintersemester geplanten Kurse finden Sie hier.



Applying for our study courses

Please use the following links to get more information about the application processes and deadlines for our degree programmes.

Information for the practice- and application-oriented international Master's programme „Reflective Urban Practice" (M.Sc.) in the study course "Integrated Urban Development and Design" (IUDD) taught in English can be found here:
Application IUDD "Reflective Urban Practice".

Information for the international double degree programme „Advanced Urbanism" (M.Sc.) in the practice- and application-oriented master's course "Integrated Urban Development and Design" (IUDD) taught in English can be found here:
Application IUDD "Advanced Urbanism".

Deadline for the IUDD Study Programmes:
Applicants from countries of the European Union including Switzerland: 25th June 2020.
Applicants from all other countries (deadline at Uni-Assist): 15th May 2020.

Applications will be evaluated through the selection committe between end of June and end of July. Nevertheless earlier applications are strongly recommended to be proceeded at Uni-Assist (non-EU applicants). Due to the large number, applicants are required to not contact us about the status of your application. We will not be able to give you any answer before final decisions are made. In case your application was considered positively, you will receive an official admission letter from the university soon after. This document enables you to conduct all the administrative affairs such as visa-issues etc. And it is the precondition in order to enrol to the University for your Master Programme. Applicants who will not be successful with their application will also be informed.

Find an overwiev about the study plan for the upcoming winter term 2019/20 here.

Additional information:
First-year students without any German language knowledge who want to learn the language, can only take part in the intensive course "German as a Foreign Language". It is offered as a three-week course in September. Participation in the German semester courses beginning in October is only possible for students with at least basic knowledge. German language is not a formal requirement for the IUDD  study programme but may be of advantage for the Reflective Urban Practice course if you intend to do the practical semester of in a German-speaking country. For further information please check the Webpage of the University´s Language Center.