Image-Text-Conception: YMR TRCKS, 2022
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Visual Communication Professorship: Image-Text-Conception Advisors: Prof. Burkhart von Scheven, Masihne Rasuli

In the winter semester 2021/22, the Professorship of Image-Text-Conception carried out the cooperation project “Music in my Eyes”. Students of visual communication dealt creatively with the works of students of electroacoustic music and sound art. In order to approach the range of topics, the visual designers were first given an unusual task: Inspired by real places in Weimar, they were asked to compose pieces of music. There were no specifications regarding style, scope and technique – the resulting spectrum therefore ranges from pop to rock and hip-hop to experimental sound collages. The album YMR TRCKS collects a total of eleven unique pieces in which students describe their personal view of Weimar’s iconic places such as the Jakobsplan, the Nahkauf at Wielandplatz or the Sternbrücke. Thanks to a grant from the Bauhaus-Universität Creative Fund, YMR TRCKS could be produced as a limited edition vinyl record.

Participants: Alexander Kaiser, Joshua Reiher, Sophia Schuster, Pia Wetzig, Nora Schulze, Paul Raab, Leon Klose, August Guccione, Laura Toledo, Tara Thomson, Ana Garcia Ortuño, Pia Wolter, Teo Bahr, Lisa Mosler, Nino Schmidt, Annika Endler, Selma Richter, Jacob Heine

Visual Communication
Prof. Burkhart von Scheven
Masihne Rasuli