Elsa Baptist: On the Edge: Revealing the Unseen, 2024
Type: Bachelor’s Project Degree Programme: Visual Communication Professorship: Graphic Design Advisors: Prof. Markus Weisbeck, Marcel Saidov

“On the Edge: Revealing the Unseen” is a graphic exploration that explores the boundaries of written communication through the use of outlines as a visual tool. An outline is a contour or outline that defines the basic shape or external form of an artifact. A collection of “Dimensions of Outlines” explores different approaches to playing with the interface between function and abstraction of graphics and glyphs. Boundaries between form and void, between the visible and the invisible, between two-dimensions and three-dimensions. Things are represented in their most abstract form, whereby contours not only have a form, but can also represent the boundary to another dimension.

Visual Communication
Graphic Design
Prof. Markus Weisbeck
Marcel Saidov