Magda Gvelesiani, Bela Moritz: No Body and the Blue Sky, 2021
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Media Art and Design, Visual Communication Professorship: Media Events, Cross-Media Moving Image Advisor: Nicola Hens, Florian Schmidt, Prof. Jörn Hintzer, Regina Reusch

“No Body and the Blue Sky” is a captivating documentary film that takes viewers on a poetic journey along the Bzhuzhi River in the Guria region of Georgia. Through static shots that allow the river’s natural movements to create visual dynamics, the film explores the deep connection between the local inhabitants and the flowing water. The documentary showcases the intimate and naturalistic relationship of the villagers with the river, highlighting how their daily lives revolve around it. By capturing personal stories, traditions, and the essence of Gurian life, the film aims to shed light on the importance of preserving the free and well-preserved rivers that still exist, encouraging viewers to work towards a sustainable future.

Visual Communication
Media Art and Design
Cross-Media Moving Image
Nicola Hens
Florian Schmidt
Prof. Jörn Hintzer
Regina Reusch
Magda Gvelesiani
Bela Moritz