Experimental Radio: More Than a Word, Less Than a Thing, 2022
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Media Art and Design Professorship: Experimental Radio Advisor: Frederike Moormann

The exhibition “More Than a Word, Less Than a Thing” dealt with new forms of communication – with non-human animals, with plants, with devices and even with stones. It questioned and tested our familiar methods of interaction. In “The Shop Weimar”, eight students explored the limits of human language. The works came from the course “Lost in Translation. Writing and Speaking at the Limits of Language”, where they were inspired by discussions around posthumanist ideas and a critical look at the Anthropocene.

Participants: Martin Müller, Katharina Mänz, Bastian Schwerer, Jesse Stegman, Cosmo Niklas Schüppel, Passion Asasu, Karlotta Sperling

Media Art and Design
Experimental Radio
Frederike Moormann