Laura Wiemers, Kaspar Elias Kimmel: Holy Basement, 2023
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Fine Art (Dipl.) Professorship: Experimental Painting and Drawing Advisors: Roman Liska, Hauke Sören Scholz, Maria Fabricius

Holy Basement: The 5th Exhibition, of the series of the special course “AAAustellungen MachenMachenMachen” in the iRRE SPACE in Weimar. The group exhibition linked the artistic positions of Kaspar Elias Kimmel and Laura Wiemers. The works were embedded in a spatial experience resembling a basement and made tangible. The basement as a symbol of the unconscious, provides insights into the depths and heights of the human psyche. Site-specific paintings, objects, and installations made of plaster, chalk, sulfur, lime, magnetite, epoxy, rust, and plastic combine the sacred, stored violence, and newly enlivened to become an allegory of reality. After all, one goes into the basement to find a piece of one’s lost self and to emerge with the memory and taste of lime on one’s lips, as well as the certainty of having found a piece of God along the way. The exhibition was accompanied by the HfM project choir.

Fine Art
Experimental Painting and Drawing
Roman Liska
Hauke Sören Scholz
Maria Fabricius