Leonard Schultz: FO3RK, 2022
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Product Design Professorship: Emerging Technologies and Design Advisor: Jr. Prof. Dr. Thomas Pearce, Timm Burkhardt, William Victor Camilleri

The Forest Food Fork (FO3RK) was created as part of the studio ‘Prehistoric ≈ Postdigital? Speculative Practices and Tools for Ongoingness’. FOR3RK explores the fertile tension between the newest of technologies and the oldest of material and ritual practices, reinterpreting the anthropomorphic pole idols found in the Thuringian Museum for Pre- and Ancient History and reinventing these as vessels for new collective rituals of food gathering. It combines 3D-Scanning, CNC fabrication and simulation with manual craft and storytelling to create a piece that questions our dulled and instrumentalized relationship to industrially processed food.

Product Design
Emerging Technologies and Design
Jr. Prof. Dr. Thomas Pearce
Timm Burkhardt
William Victor Camilleri
Leonard Schultz