Niklas Hamann: Digitale Orthetik, 2020–2024
Type: Research Project Degree Programme: Doctoral Degree Programme (Ph.D.) Professorship: Theory and History of Design, Industrial Design Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Willmann, Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend

The aim of the ‘Digital Orthotics’ research project is to explore the potential of novel, digital design and manufacturing processes in the field of orthotics. The focus of the development and investigation is the foot/ankle area and, in particular, diabetic foot syndrome, which is to be treated using specific 3D-printed orthoses, including outsoles.

For this purpose, the body part is precisely captured with 3D scanning and the data obtained is computer-processed in a virtual design environment. The resulting components are individually adapted to the patient and manufactured using MJF 3D printing technology. Together with the practice partner "Rosenkranz Scherer GmbH", a continuous digital process chain is being developed in this way, which provides for both basic procedures and interfaces as well as corresponding possible applications in the field of innovative orthotic care.

Practice Partner: Rosenkranz Scherer GmbH

Funding: Freistaat Thüringen, Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft, Research Programme ProDigital

Scientific Disciplines
Product Design
Theory and History of Design
Industrial Design
Prof. Dr. Jan Willmann
Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend
Niklas Hamann