Photography: Concrete Vein, 2023
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Visual Communication Professorship: Photography Advisor: Pio Rahner

In black and white photographs, we see twisting pipes, decaying droplets, and supporting hands that hold everything together. We see the neon lights that blind us or passing cars that flash as people move. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Especially macro shots focus on material and texture. They obscure the context and create portraits of objects that almost resemble individuals, independently occupying the space. The eye is guided by lines and contrasts, lingering on disruptions and chaotic corners that are meant to remain hidden. We see excitement and tranquility, lying boats, fluttering posters. We see residential buildings that seem so different yet serve the same purpose. They appear open or closed. Holes and gaps provide glimpses into the privacy of those who still hope and wish.At first glance, the photographs appear reduced. On closer inspection, a new focus emerges. What was once seen is reinterpreted. New things are created. The prints offer space for artistic decisions in the darkroom. Form and texture, shadows and surfaces come to the forefront here and there.

Visual Communication
Pio Rahner