Hannes Dünnebier: BYE!, 2022
Type: Diploma Project Degree Programme: Fine Art (Dipl.) Professorship: Experimental Painting and Drawing Advisor: Prof. Jana Gunstheimer, Roman Liška

The exhibition “BYE!” is the final exhibition of my fine art studies at the Bauhaus-Universität and the result of an intensive exploration of the medium of drawing and its extension into the exhibition space. In my often gloomy graphite drawings, I create a strange universe as a counter-model to the existing world. By means of fiction, I play out challenges of human existence, examine social marginal phenomena, norms and deviations, adaption and refusal, and faith and superstition. The conflict between ideal concepts and self-experienced reality is a recurring theme in my work. The exhibition was on view at M.BOOKS in Weimar on 08 and 09 July 2022.

Fine Art
Experimental Painting and Drawing
Prof. Jana Gunstheimer
Roman Liška
Hannes Dünnebier