Eva-Maria Weikert: brandaktuell, 2023
Type: Indepedent Project Degree Programme: Fine Art Education Professorship: Art and its Didactics Advisors: Sandra Rücker, Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez, Catalina Giraldo Vélez

A critical examination of the consequences of climate change with regard to the forest fire in Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland.

The artistic research work “brandaktuell” is an installation that makes the effects of climate change tangible in a multi-sensory way by means of the forest fire in the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland. Participants are invited to come into contact with burnt organic material and to leave material and traces in the space that reflect everyone’s participation in the climate catastrophe.

In the experiment with personal impressions collected on site, organic materials, photographs and sound recordings, the artistic-practical work was created. It includes an installation that invites visitors to become part of the work. By picking up ash from the floor with their feet, each visitor leaves their own mark on the floor. This concept of “leaving traces” reflects our own inevitable contribution to climate change. The second part consists of photographs that make the effects of the forest fire in the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland visually tangible. The artistic-practical work is intended to bring a piece of the forest fire to the viewer in order to overcome the local and emotional distance and to make the topic visible on an emotional and factual level.

Fine Art Education
Art and its Didactics
Sandra Rücker
Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez
Catalina Giraldo Vélez