Lena Weber: Ambiguous Aesthetics, 2022
Type: Master’s Project Degree Programme: Visual Communication Professorship: Graphic Design Advisor: Prof. Markus Weisbeck, Adrian Palko

One programmed tool – Two type systems

“Ambiguous Aesthetics” extends the classification of systematic design processes from the bachelor thesis into three structure-giving aesthetics (“Aesthetics of Repetition”, “Aesthetics of Balance”, “Aesthetics of Development”) by another concept, which deals with a special “Aesthetics of Programmed Images”. It is my attempt to grasp, define and substantiate the special aesthetics that surround programmed design and what ambiguity has to do with it. Programmed design is always based on data in some form - this data shows up ambiguously as a visual aspect: An “Ambiguous Aesthetic”. The “Ambiguous Aesthetic” occurs between two aspects of a programmed visual: viewing it as a means of communication and viewing it as a data visualization. Encryption, legibility and systematic disguising of data and information are essential themes of the graphical results.

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Visual Communication
Graphic Design
Prof. Markus Weisbeck
Adrian Palko