Luca Schreiber, Felix Kummich: CUBIO, 2022
Type: Semester Project Degree Programme: Product Design Professorship: Material and Environment Advisor: Prof. Martin Kuban, Susann Paduch

CUBIO is the organic waste bin designed for a clean kitchen. It is easy to clean, keeps odours from the waste at bay, and flies find no way in. If one has not yet opted for organic waste separation, then with CUBIO there are no more excuses.

The upper container is intended for organic waste. At its bottom holes are arranged as a sieve. That ensures that the organic waste mass is always aerated and can drain. Additional holes in the lid provide ventilation. This keeps the organic waste dry and odour-free. The holes are too small for flies and other vermins. When carrying, the handle consolidates the volumes, ensuring no drops of any residual liquid land on the floor. When flipped down, it allows for easy removal of the lid. CUBIO can be disassembled into its individual parts, making it effortless to clean and repair.

The organic waste concept aims to motivate users who have previously simply thrown the organic waste into the general waste bin to collect it separately. This is resource-saving through composting facilities and closes the nutrient cycle. CUBIO is the offer of a clean waste bin without the unpleasant aspects of organic waste and a proposal for a sustainable everyday life.

Product Design
Product Design
Luca Schreiber
Felix Kummich
Prof. Martin Kuban
Material and Environment
Susann Paduch