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PUBLIC ISTANBUL- Die Stadt und ihre Räume der Öffentlichkeit

Tagung, 19.-21. Januar 2007 in Weimar


Friday, January 19th 2007

Introduction Frank Eckardt (Bauhaus- Universität)
Kathrin Wildner (Universität Hamburg)

Ihsan Bilgin (Bilgi University)

Coffee break

10:15- 13.15
Experiencing Public Istanbul
Keynote: Asu Aksoy (Bilgi University)
Chair: Kathrin Wildner

Florian Riedler
"Public people: seasonal work migrants in nineteenth century Istanbul"

Koray Özdil
"Claiming Space and Founding Community: Emerging Public Spheres of Undocumented African Immigrants in Tarlabase"

Susanne Bosch
""Human Traffic" in/from Istanbul-Freedom of movement, people inbetween"

Ayhan Aytes
"ID Cover - Streetvendors..."

Britta Trostorff
" Public with Tea. The Traditional Çayhane (Teahouse) in Modern Istanbul's Everyday Life"

Anna Grabolle-Çeliker
"Kurdish women and their discourse on publicness"


14:30- 18:30
Planing Public Istanbul
Keynote: Aykut Karaman (Mimar Sinan University)

Chair: t.b.a.

Tolga Levent
"Threats for Public Spaces: The Istanbul Case."

Ebru Erdönmez
"Public Transformation of Bosphorus. Facts and Opportunities."

Efe Gönenc
"Discussion of Public Space. The case of Tophane"

Coffee break

Funda Bas Butuner
"Old City Walls as Public Spaces."

Eylem Gülcemal
"Intervention to Public Space and Displacement of "the Others""

Tim Rieniets / Orhan Esen
"Göktürk - An Urban Planing Project"

20:30- 22:00
Public Panel : Weimar 1999- Istanbul 2010

Hüseyin Kaptan
Asu Aksoy

Saturday, January 20th 2007

9:00- 13:00
Divided Istanbul
Keynote: Murat Güvenc (Bilgi University)

Chair: Frank Eckardt

Ela Alanyali Aral
"Peripheral Public Spaces - Types in progress"

Evren Uzer
"New public spaces of Istanbul"

Ebru Ustundag
"Governing Citizens in Istanbul"

Coffee Break

Eda Ünlü Yücesoy / Nil Uzun
" Contested public spaces vs. conquered public places Gentrification and its reflections on urban public space in Beyoglu, Istanbul"

Constanze Letsch
"Privacy and public space. The islamic headscarf and urban tension"

Derya Özkan
"The masses flooded into the beaches, the citizens could not swim.The case of the Caddebostan Beach in Istanbul"


14:00 -18:00
Representing Istanbul
Keynote: Pelin Tan (Istanbul Technical University)

Chair:Susanne Bosch

Senem Doyduk
"Evaluation of Urban Archeological Data in Public Spaces Locate in Istanbul Historic Peninsula"

Jean-François Pérouse
"The Istanbul City-Museum Project or the planned reduction of public spaces"

Coffee Break

Senem Zeybekoglu / Kilinç Kivanç
"Regeneration of "Public Istanbul": Changing Meanings and Manifestations of Public Space in Haliç (Golden Horn)"

Feride Çiçekoglu
"Sabiha in "Public Istanbul"

Christoph K Neumann
"The Photographic Memory Or How in Beyoglu Pictures Turn into Public Memory of Space"

18:30- 19:30
Final comments Orhan Esen

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