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Professor Karl-Heinz Schmitz

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Design Philosophy


IIAS 2006 . Cornelis Knuth & Erik van der Werf

IIAS 2003 . Mathias Klöpfel
Our design philosophy is implied by our own work and the work of those architects who have been our guests.
We propose no direct rules or binding theory about the making of space, but we do look at great architecture in order to take measure of what is possible.
We like talking about architecture rather than around it.
We do not try to link architecture to other things.
We believe in innovation and invention when custom and tradition are close at hand.
We believe in custom and tradition when innovation and invention are close at hand.
We try to pick up and continue rather than to wipe the slate clean.
We seek many options but we do not pursue every solution.
We aim at a consistent point of view and a design philosophy that is implied rather than stated.
IIAS 2003 . Matthias Klöpfel
IIAS 2006 . 1st prize Vattenfall Award
Cornelis Knuth and Erik van der Werf
The design of buildings is a formal response to a program and a specific environment. We understand the design process as a means to gain insight into an architectural problem. Design is a hypothesis rather than an answer, a way of investigating the correctness of a program, the potential of a specific environment and the opportunities inherent in the formal concepts of our time.
Prof. Karl-Heinz Schmitz
IIAS 2005 . Marie Ulber
IIAS 2005 . competition 1st prize . Marie Ulber



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