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The GameGame 2.0 auf deutsch!

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endlich gibt es die verbesserte ausgabe des "lern- und brainstorming-spiels" von Aki Järvinen auch auf deutsch.

die karten und die anleitung gibt es auf

viel spaß

The GameGame Test

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hier eine e-mail an den "erfinder" des GameGame, die ich ihm geschrieben habe, nachdem wir es zum ersten mal im seminar getestet hatten.
der text ist auch interessant für alle, die sich noch keine vorstellung von diesem spiel/instrument machen können.

wer selbst spielen will: hier die karten und regeln in deutsch

Dear Aki,

we have now playtested The GameGame.
here our notions:

i think all of us have enjoyed playing. it was also a good answer to a question we discussed lately: how can a game be taken to serve a certain purpose if it is to be free and purposeless in the first place?

so - the most positive experience first:

since the fluctuation of cards is quite high (you get a new one almost every round) every player gets to read a lot of them, so there are two positive things:

1.) you learn a lot about basic principles of games and gamedesign (elements of a game, mechanisms of games ...) because in your search for an idea for your game, you read the cards carefully.

2.) you get really inspired. you need to find a game-concept - and you begin to imagine such, when reading for instance the game mechanism cards (which i regard to be the crucial ones for the gameplay).

another nice thing we noted is, that you can even set a certain task before playing, like us, who want to design games involving architectural form. so you will start to interpret the cards in that certain way, like the arrange-mechanism or even the jump-mechanism, which actually won't have been designed to serve an "architectural game" originally.

really powerful is also the fact that you may be inclined to combine say 2 game-mechanisms. so if you have a core-mechanism like arranging things in towers, you maybe realize that a secondary mechanism like the enclosement-mechanism (f.i. a tower segment between two similar other segments) would fit in, thus giving the game more deepness and detail.

all this works regardless of how deeply involved you have been with gamedesign before - in plain: it is also for total beginners.

at the beginning we were a bit irritated because we thought, well, we have to collect cards for a game, but there is no way of getting more cards (besides stealing from another player). so we have three cards and they won't become more. eventually we realized, that it is quite o.k. and also achievable to have the right cards in the end.

we even suggested such additional options like, if there is more than one game going on in the room, why shouldn't one trade cards across all the games. but this meant rather ironically.

eventually there is also one negative remark to be made:
the role of the publisher doesn't really make one happy, especially in the final phase or in a case when there are only 3 players and 2 of them did a fusion before. since that one cannot pitch, the most satisfying part is stripped off the publisher - and he has only the possibility to just win because of his/her points. thats not so good for a "Well-Played Game".... ;)

best regards

andré eberwein

Endlich - The GameGame in deutsch

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The GameGame Karten und Regeln in deutsch

folien einführung

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folien einführungsvortrag

spiele als kultureller faktor / spiel und ernst / spiele und architektur / emergenz von form im spiel / begriffsbestimmung play/games
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material zu morpholo

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