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Hello seminar participants "Perspective & Foto"

What should you present after the P&F-seminar?

All our seminar exercises with ArchiCAD (lesson 1-5)

lesson 1: basics in perspective construction

lesson 2: reconstructing orthographic views from a photography with horizontally view (Bauhausmensa),

lesson 3: construction of a Cube in a perspective with 3 vanishing points

lesson 4: reconstructing the situation plans from fisheye distorted photography

lesson 5: creating the perspective birds view from a satellite photo

Each participant should generate a commented gif-animation of one of the exercises 1-5 (please decide yourself who makes which lesson). Remember, you can use the ArchiCAD layer functionality to generate the construction steps with it.

lesson 6: generating a3D-mass-model using a 2D-DWG-plan in C4D (result off a groups work (with several renderings 2048 * 1536 pixel)

7. calibrating a camera to a given photo or perspective view by using you own examples, (with several renderings 2048 * 1536 pixel)

Put all the content within a pdf-file. It would be great to present the gif-animations while our summary at 09. 07. I have five presentation panels 800 * 600 pixel which you could use for that. The rest could be delivered after winter semester start.

best regards
Prof. Andreas Kästner


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