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lesson 3: construction of a cube in a perspective with 3 vanishing points

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hello participants of the seminar "Perspective and Photo

here I send you an example for a 3-point- perspective construction. The cubes edge in its left front was free defined. You should imagine the view onto a pyramid with three sides of orthogonal triangles. These three sides are layed down into the same layer as the pyramides bottom triangle. So one can see the perspective construction two side views (only one contains the cube) and the view of the ground from beneath.

Have a look to the view rays which come from horizon to the ground views eye to give the cube a fitting position. One can move the cube back or for, it will then shrink or grow for all cubes points always have to hold their positions on the view rays.

the cubes position in the side view can be found using two circles with VPL as center. Have a look to the view rays in side view that come from the cubes perspective image. The cubes edges that come from VPR are lengthened to the vanishing line between VPL and VPV. From there the view rays start tu the side views eye. They intersect the vertical edges of the cube and show, in which height the bottom and top faces of the cube are.

kind regards
Prof. Andreas Kästner


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