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PDCON:Conference/rj - abstractions for getting things done

rj – Abstractions for getting things done

Author: Frank Barknecht

Download full paper: Media:rj – Abstractions for getting things done.pdf

rj is an open source library of Pure Data abstractions that was developed as part of the RjDj project to support developing reactive music scenes for mobile devices like the iPhone running a variant of Pure Data inside the RjDj player software. As a least common denominator for such environments the object class vocabulary of the core “vanilla” version of Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment is used. This way, the rj library is extremly portable between different distributions of Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment and can be used on many mobile devices with limited hardware, but it is also useful as a general musicians toolbox on common computers.

The rj library strives to provide a minimal, but also fairly complete set of useful tools for musicians including composition helpers, sound generators, input handlers or sound effects. It can be used as a globally installed library but it is also designed to work by being copied into a project folder, thereby making the project or “scene” self-contained and easily distributable.

The rj library has been successfully used by dozens of musicians writing scenes for the RjDj platform or in the the popular iPhone app for the movie Inception.

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